The American-Grown Indigo Collection

This collection is the first of its kind. Made with 100% organic cotton fabric that is exclusively grown, milled, designed and sewn in the USA.

Dyed with American-grown indigo. Completely carbon neutral. We are rebuilding American supply chains with clean and ethical practices from seed to stitch.

Indigofera tinctoria

This collection was dyed with indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) grown in rural Tennessee. Indigo is a renewable plant dye. Not only does it have a lower carbon footprint than conventional dyes, but it can actually improve soil health on the farms where it is grown. By sourcing our indigo dye from Tennessee, we are also supporting local communities that are building the greener solutions we need to combat climate change. 

Tennessee farms

Indigo is a leafy green plant in the bean family that grows well in the fertile farmlands of Tennessee. It improves farm health by naturally fixing the critical nutrient nitrogen into the soil and can be grown in rotation with other crops. It’s an appealing crop for many farmers and can be a replacement for the more common cash crop in this area, tobacco. Growing plant dyes offers a new economic opportunity for farmers in Tennessee and surrounding regions.

Renewable Dyes

The indigo used to dye this collection is 100% renewable and traceable. Plant dyes are more sustainable to make and have a lower environmental impact during the dyeing process. By wearing clothing that is dyed with plants, we are also keeping our bodies and our ecosystems cleaner. 

Regenerative Fashion

At Harvest & Mill, we are creating a new way to design and make clothing. We believe the fashion industry can help strengthen our ecosystems, instead of just depleting them, and can help rebuild all of our communities for a greener future, instead of focusing efforts in just some communities. Our American-Grown Indigo Collection is an exploration of plant dyes and regenerative fashion. The indigo plant increases soil health on American farmland while offering American farmers new environmentally-friendly economic opportunities and these farmers offer an innovative solution for sustainable designers like Harvest & Mill who need locally-sourced natural raw materials. This collection is a synergy between American farmers, manufacturers and sustainable designers who all rely on each other - like every healthy ecosystem - to adapt, heal and grow for a cleaner and more just future.