Indigo Dyed Women's Organic Athletic Shorts

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Dyed with indigo plants. Scroll down to learn more about our Indigo Collection.

Made with our 100% organic cotton jersey fabric featuring 2 large pockets and cotton drawcord. Athletic shorts are constructed with a stretch waistband to ensure they stay comfortably in place. 5.4 oz jersey. Super soft, breathable and naturally flexible. 6” inseam. Pre-shrunk during the dyeing process. Style #AS111IN

  • Fabric: 100% organic cotton USA grown
  • Origins: Organic cotton grown in the USA, yarn spun and knit in the USA, sewn in the San Francisco Bay Area, hand dyed in the USA. Entirely USA domestic supply chain
  • Color: Dark indigo blue
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Also available in natural.

The Indigo Collection

Indigofera tinctoria

This item was dyed with indigo (Indigofera tinctoria). Indigo is a leafy green plant in the bean family. After the plants are grown and harvested, they are dried and naturally fermented. The centuries-old fermentation process allows pigments in the plants to adhere to the clothing fibers. Once the indigo has been fermented, each individual garment is hand dipped multiple times to achieve various shades of blue. This method of indigo dyeing is based on a deep respect for plants and ecological principles.

Farm Grown Color

Most other fashion brands use synthetic indigo made with petrochemicals that cause pollution. Our Indigo Collection is made entirely with indigo plants. Instead of using harmful chemicals, we believe in working with nature to create vibrant colors. Indigo is an appealing crop to grow for many farmers because it increases biodiversity and opens up new economic opportunities. The plant enhances farm health by nourishing soils with the critical nutrient nitrogen and it can be grown in rotation with other crops.

Renewable Dyes

The indigo used to dye this item is 100% renewable and plant based. Indigo can be grown season after season, improving soils along the way. Plant dyes have a lower carbon footprint during both the growing and dyeing stages. By wearing clothing that is dyed with plants, we are also keeping our bodies and our planet cleaner. 

Regenerative Fashion

At Harvest & Mill, we are creating a new way to design and make clothing. We believe the fashion industry can nurture the Earth, instead of just depleting it, and can help rebuild all of our communities for a greener world. This collection is a synergy between farmers, manufacturers and designers who all rely on each other - like every healthy ecosystem - to adapt, heal and grow towards a more sustainable and just future.