Organic Jogger Sweatpants

Made in the USA with US Grown Organic Cotton

  • Sustainable100% Organic
  • Made in USAMade in USA
  • Non-toxicNon-toxic
  • Carbon NeutralCarbon neutral
  • USA Supply chainUSA supply chain
  • Low impactLow-impact
  • Plastic-free packagingPlastic-free packaging
  • VeganVegan


A higher standard for sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturing.

USA Grown Organic Cotton

We use only USA grown organic cotton for all our clothing.

USA grown organic cotton helps keep our local ecosystems free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Organic cotton supports biodiversity, pollinator health, carbon sequestration, soil biomes and more.

These socks are dye free and made from natural color cotton. The vast majority of cotton grown today is white. However, heirloom cotton varieties have been grown around the world for thousands of years. These rare heirloom varieties help support genetic diversity within the plant species, ensuring cotton can be more resilient in the face of climate change.

Compostable & Plastic-Free Packaging

Our clothing comes wrapped in a simple paper fold design. Soy and vegetable inks are used in the printing process. These paper folds are made within 15 miles of our studio in Berkeley, California.

Our shipping materials are also plastic-free and compostable.

USA Made: Grown & Sewn in the USA

Our clothing is exclusively made in the USA every step along our supply chain. From the organic cotton to the American heritage mills, we work directly with our American supply chain partners. All of our clothing is sewn within 15 miles of our studio in Berkeley, California.

Think globally, act locally. Supporting USA Made and American manufacturing helps keep our local communities strong and resilient.

Economic and social sustainability is a vital part of Harvest & Mill’s holistic vision for sustainable fashion. We believe that by rebuilding American manufacturing, we can create diverse economic opportunities in all of our communities, increase social engagement and support self-determination of local resources. As responsible global citizens, we also believe that supporting American and local manufacturing ensures we are not pollution dumping or exploiting workers in vulnerable or developing regions around the world. For us, the higher financial cost of American manufacturing is worth it, both for our local communities and communities around the world.