Essential Basics

100% organic cotton tops, sweatpants, shorts and joggers.

Grown, milled, designed & sewn in the USA.

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Harvest & Mill's Impact

By design, our impact is radically lower than other sustainable brands.
We use only USA grown organic cotton and all of our partnering mills and
factories are in the USA. Harvest & Mill’s unique manufacturing process minimizes
our impact while creating positive change in our communities.

Organic Cotton Sock Collection

Made in the USA

with USA grown & dye-free organic heirloom cotton.

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Organic Heirloom Cotton

Not all organic cotton is white.

Learn more about organic heirloom cotton and
how this dye-free color can help clean up the fashion industry.

Buy in Packs & Save

Save up to 15% when you buy together.

Choose from 2 packs of joggers, 3 packs of socks, outfit packs and more.

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Organic basics, loungewear and socks made in the USA from field to closet.